How to add own photo in Harlowe 3.2.0

Hi, I’ve been struggling with this for weeks now, but I would like to add a picture that I took myself to a passage in a Harlow 3.2.0 Twine Story. How do I do that? Or can I only do that if I upload it somewhere? Thanks in advance! ^^

I use Sugarcube, but I believe in Harlowe you do it the same way you’d display an image on a web page:

<img src="[relative url]">

So if my image was in a folder called “media” that’s included in the same folder as the playable .html file:

<img src="media/image.jpg">

Be aware the image won’t show if you play in the editor. You would need to publish your html into the correct location where the “media” folder with the image file is in the same location as the .html file that you run.

If your image is in the same folder as the .html, it would just be

<img src="image.jpg">