How many times have you participated in IntroComp?

And also, why am I missing that field there to make a poll?


It’s my first time as well.

I like statistics, and I’d like to have some on the diversity / inclusivit y of comps. Specially I’d like to know where do entrants come from and what % are newcomers or returning participants. I’m interested because I’ve been actively promoting IFcomp and IntroComp, encouraging people to participate, and I’d like to see how much the scene is changing. I am under the impression it’s booming and becoming more diverse but I’d like to have real data.

Seriously, why can’t I make a poll? There’s no poll field at the bottom of the Reply screen? What am I doing wrong?

[non-Introcomp author popping in to say mod stuff]

I just clicked “reply” and there was no poll option, but when I clicked “New topic” on this board there was one. I think the poll attaches to the topic rather than the post, so you can’t make a poll on a reply. Not sure why you had trouble making the poll on the first post, though. If you want to try to make a new topic for this with a poll, I could move the relevant comments there.

Also, I notice that your original post has a question mark icon before where it says “Post subject”–did you do something to ask for help on that post? I’ve never seen that before.

Thanks for taking the time to say mod stuff :slight_smile:

I was aware a poll can only be created with New Post, but the Poll field just doesn’t appear. I just tried creating a New Post right now, the poll option still isn’t appearing. No idea why.

That interrogation sign I selected from the line of possible icons when creating a new post. Thought it was adequate to signal it was a poll, do let me know if it’s reserved for queries or something like that.

Pardon me if this is a dumb question, but are you scrolling all the way down on the New Post screen? On my laptop the poll options don’t fit on the original screen, which might be why I never noticed them before. Anyway, if that doesn’t work I can make a poll for you and move the first three posts from this thread into that one.

No worries about the question mark! It’s not reserved for anything, I was just unsure because I hadn’t seen it before, and if it was automatically generated I thought that might shed some light on the issue. But it isn’t, so it doesn’t.

I may not have given the Introcomp Author Group or this forum permission to make polls. Let me look under the hood and see if I can change it.

I think the Question mark is an optional post icon that can be chosen. That permission was checked. I can do it here. Look, info!.

Victor, try making a poll. I updated the group permissions to “standard + poll”.

If that doesn’t work, I have one more trick to try, which is modifying “can create poll” permission manually.

(Weird thing is, I can’t even see how to make a poll myself, unless, like Matt said, it’s only offered when you create a topic.)

Okay, even if it didn’t work, I was able to include the poll on Victor’s original post. Scroll back up to the first message to vote.