How do I use Jira to report a bug?

Seriously. I made an account. I can’t find the button to create a new issue. Is it an issue that I’m meant to create? A topic? A ticket? A post?

I note that Bugs | Inform 7 says “[Jira] takes a little patience to get used to,” and then offers no help. Guys of all genders, come on. You’ve made an Englishesque language to attract non-programmers, and then the ethos just kinda peters out.

**Problem.** An internal error has occurred: unowned. The current sentence is ***redacted by me*** [![](inform:/doc_images/Reveal.png)](; the error was detected at line 886 of "inform7/if-module/Chapter 5/Understand Sentences.w". This should never happen, and I am now halting in abject failure.

Hey, at least you made the account! That’s sometimes hard enough.

I know your pain. It took me at least a minute just now to re-work out what to press to submit a bug, even though I’ve done it about three times.

And that thing, that you have to do, that you should do now, is… click the black text on white background button up to the top centre of the screen that says CREATE.



Oh, way up at the top? I see it!

I was afraid this was going to be like me searching for the “create direct message” button on this forum with my brand-new, no-points account (and searching and searching… until I did the tutorial that gave me enough points.)