How do I play Anchorhead in 2022?

Inspired by the recent Cragne Manor discussion, I dusted off my fancy anniversary edition of Anchorhead to start playing again (64-bit Linux).

Unfortunately, any attempt to launch it gets an error:

(Anchorhead:1325423): Pango-ERROR **: 16:19:07.216: Harfbuzz version too old (1.3.1)
Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)

Google suggests that I need to find an older version of the Pango library and put it in the application directory, but Ubuntu doesn’t seem to be providing pre-compiled library files for that version any more.

Alternately, I could just pull out the gblorb file and run it in my own interpreter. But I’m not sure what I’ll be losing out on if I do that. Are there any fancy interpreter things that Gargoyle won’t be able to imitate, like the map and journal in Hadean Lands?

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There is VirtualBox plus an old Ubuntu version, I suppose…are the repos for that version still active, or is Pango included with Ubuntu by default?

I can run the gblorb where it is and the graphics come up ok in Gargoyle. Lectrote throws an error when I click on the first optional graphic ("data: need number), but I had to troubleshoot my last install, so that might be my fault. Win Glulxe seems alright, too.

When I played it a few years ago, I just dropped the gblorb in a documents folder.

I’m on Linux and just playing the gblorb in Gargoyle works for me and I see the illustrations. They’re postage-stamp sized but look like the one we see on the screen in the Anchorhead 2018 trailer video and essentially the same as in Lectrote so I assume everything’s as it should be.

(But of course I’m ultimately in the same boat as you: having not played the binary or the Steam version, I can’t be sure there aren’t differences I’m missing!)

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According to the itch page, the graphics are the only “extra”. No maps or the like.

Those small images are thumbnails. On my windows system, anyway. They should be clickable for a large image (that’s when my Lectrote fails, btw).

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Good to know! That works for me in Gargoyle. And with some hoop-jumping I got it working with Quixe.

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