How do I [Log into Forum on Multiple Systems]?

How do I log on from a second computer without having to reset my password on the first one?
ie. I am currently logged in to my desktop PC. I also want to be able to log on from my laptop but I can’t find how to do this. It doesn’t like my user ID (R2T1) or my email address either. At least I think it is the correct email address - the one shown in my profile. Unfortunately I didn’t record them anywhere when you changed this forum over.
Is there a FAQ that has this info or is it a dark secret mystery?

I haven’t heard of anyone else having such trouble before. You should be able to log in either with your username or your email address, and you can reset your password with your email address. Maybe try resetting it and then use the new password on both?

If you’re logged in on the desktop, has the desktop browser stored your password?

This sounds like the same problem I had when they first changed software here. I continued to have problems until I changed my password. My guess was that my old password was too weak for the new system.

That’s the problem. I don’t want to create a new password on the laptop and then lose the login access on the desktop.

How would the desktop PC saving the password affect the laptop? What do I look for?

If your current password doesn’t work on your laptop then it’s not going to work on your desktop either.

Same here. I’m logged in on a laptop and a desktop and my phone. In my case it’s through Google Chrome. If I’m logged into Google, the browser remembers my password and opening the site doesn’t require me to log in here - unless I consciously log out somewhere.

I think you do have to have passwords set to automatic in the browser. If you change it and manually login, usually there’s a pop up from the browser that asks if you want to remember the new password.

What I meant is, if you have the password saved in the browser on the desktop, you might be able to extract it and use it on the laptop. I’m sorry if I’m saying stuff that you’ve already tried or if I don’t understand the issue!

The thought is, if your desktop browser logs you in automatically, it might be that the browser has stored your password. (Though if it’s that the site remembers you, that might be different. I’m not sure how it works.)

So, if the desktop browser is Firefox on the Mac, you can go to “Preferences” and select “Privacy & Security.” If you scroll down enough, you get a button for “Saved Logins.” Click on that and you can search for “” It shows the password obscured with an eye next to it. Click on the eye and it will reveal the password. (I have a master password set for the browser that I have to enter at some points during this process–I don’t know how this works if you don’t have the password set.)

Thanks for all the advice. My memory cells aren’t as good as they used to be. (Must come with retirement I think) Anyway, I got onto google to find out where they were stored and found them in my desktop version. then checked in the laptop and they were there too?? I use Chrome on both, but as my default browser is Edge (for my wife). I must have clicked a link or something that opened it in Edge instead of Chrome.
That’s another problem for another day. I now have auto login on Chrome once again on my laptop. Hopefully I will remember all this next time it happens.

Thanks to all for their responses.