How do I change the player's location?

I’m trying to move the player to a specific room by using a custom action. This is what i have so far:

Starting place is a room. 

Finishing place is a room.

Flying is an action applying nothing.
Understand "fly" as Flying.

Carry out Flying:
	The player is in the Finishing place.

I keep getting:
Problem. You wrote ‘The player is in the Finishing place’ : but this is a phrase which I don’t recognise, possibly because it is one you meant to define but never got round to, or because the wording is wrong (see the Phrasebook section of the Index to check). Alternatively, it may be that the text immediately previous to this was a definition whose ending, normally a full stop, is missing?

Any help will be appreciated.

I believe “Now the player is in the Finishing place.” is what you need.

Thank you so much, vaughany. That is what i needed, it works now!!!