How different is the syntax in version 10?

Does anyone know how different the syntax is for version 10 compared to the 2015 version available at the Inform 7 site? I’m just wondering about compatibility issues. I’m very reluctantly considering learning Inform 7 over TADS, and I would prefer not to have to unlearn things if I start with the old version.

EDIT: I’m not going to touch the new version without an IDE, so I’m waiting on that.

not different. Actually my frozen I7 WIP (inform 6M62 has serious stability issues under Linux…) restarted without hitches under I10.

OTOH, between adv3lite and the scenes.t contribuition (whose actually is the precedessor of the scenes support of adv3lite) TADS3 can handle well enough scenes
(actually, I have mulled about porting a major WIP from TADS/adv3 to either adv3lite or Inform10, but in the end, I decided to continue with the current adv3 plus scenes.t)

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The main differences are all behind the scenes, which means they matter more for extension writers than actual authors. A couple deprecated bits of syntax were finally removed but nothing as major as the removal of indexed text or procedural rules, if you were around for earlier versions.

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Most of what’s different regards I6 inclusions. I found a case of a compiler error that didn’t occur in 9.3/6M62 where the order of property definitions needed to be changed, and a difference in a particular case of using verbs that mean a relationship. The toolchain is different enough that a few more of these will probably crop up where the new compiler has a different level of sensitivity to something and some trivial change needs to happen.