How can I go to a fixture?

I have been following the instructions to the best of my ability, but I got stuck again.

I have a room called “clearing”. In the room is a

pedestal : Fixture

I set that up, so the player can go to the pedestal, which will take him to another room named “pedestalOrb”.

I have 2 problems.

  1. How can I set this up, so that the command -> “go to pedestal” will take the player to pedestalOrb?

  2. Not directly related, but when the player enters the clearing, TADS3 does not automatically show the desc of the pedestal : Fixture. Not even when set to verbose.

TADS has so rich library so it will take some time to remember all the classes. Yes, you can use Enterable class for this. Read more about it in Learning T3 manual in chapter 4.3. NonPortable objects like Fixture and others are not listed in room by default. You can change this behavior by setting isListed = true on the object, but more likely you will want to set specialDesc property to more prominent description of the object for use in room look around. See chapter 3.5.

Yes, I’m finding out that it is a huge feature set. Honestly I have not hit the books yet, so I’m jumping around at the moment. I’m very much liking TADS3. Is there an update coming anytime soon?

Oh, you should read the fine manual, so you could come with more advanced questions :slight_smile: TADS development process is sleeping right now, but TADS is mature and full featured.