How can I disable the scroll bar on the window? (Using Flexible Windows)

Heya, first time posting here.

So basically, I’m using Jon Ingold’s Flexible Windows, I’ve got windows on each side of the main window, and scrolls in the side windows are taking too much space in my opinion, I’m not really planning to have the text on them surpass the limit, so it’s just kinda wasting space, any space counts for me. Is there any way to disable them? Like make sure they never appear again.

…perhaps there’s a convenient extension that works with Jon Ingold’s Flexible Windows that I haven’t heard about?

Apologies in advance if this doesn’t sound right, I am not good with words. :upside_down_face:

That’s not something you can control from your storyfile.

I think for Gargoyle you could provide a config file which would specify the scrollbar width, but you’d be changing it for all buffer windows.

There might be some interpreter that doesn’t show scrollbars until a window needs it. But the disadvantage of doing that is that once a window gets enough content to need to scroll, it would suddenly rearrange all the content to reduce the line lengths to fit. When I designed AsyncGlk (which is the display library of Parchment) I made it reserve space for the scrollbar when there’s not enough to scroll but without displaying it, so you usually wouldn’t notice.