Hmmm... I may have my timing wrong

Well, you see, perhaps you will understand,…

I started playing Not Just An Ordinary Ballerina five days ago, quite confident I would finish it within time before IFComp.

Now I’m so deep into it that I refuse to resort to hints (except for one really specialized one…) and I gather from my map, my list of puzzles and possible solutions and my list of obstacles that I don’t even have a clue about yet that I will not finish in time.

I’m still doing some re-re-exploring, but the review will have to wait until November.

All I can say now is: Really, really, if you have a heart for incredibly well-written and incredibly hard yet immersive parser IF, you must set aside at least a week or two for this game.

It is incredible!


I’m sure you can still squeeze in a quick Once and Future or 1893: A World’s Fair Mystery. :wink:


Oh man! Don’t get me started on 1893. I’ve been on vacation in the World’s Fair four times, but I haven’t even started collecting clues or solving puzzles. I just wandered around gawking at how amazing it all was.

But yeah, It’s on my list…


I am scarred from that game. It’s just evil. I have made it through some difficult and great IF games, but NJAOB gave me rage. I don’t believe I ever finished it. Of course, that was many years ago. Now that my brains have had time to marinate in more wine, I’m sure it would be a breezier experience.


Seriously?! When I get to a point in life-wisdom where I could call this game/experience/monstrosity anything near “breezy”, I’ll look at the Buddhah trailing behind me on the astral path of serenity and go “Hah!”


Quickly adds Ballerina to his Frotz list…


—Beware… 'Tis where the ghouls of adventurers roam…—

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BOEM PAUKESLAG! double breakthrough!

I found the pump for the beachball and I figured out what to do with the awl.

EDIT: Now SAVE all the important checkpoints and put Not Just An Ordinary Ballerina to rest while I flex my brains into Comp-state.

(I have no doubt that a few lightbulbs will appear above my head in the following weeks while I’m explicitly “not thinking about NJAOB”.)

And extra edit: Paul Van Ostaijen: Boem Paukeslag (Paul van Ostaijen) - Bing video

Have you come across the railway maze or the guard dog problems yet? Gird your loins if you haven’t.

Guard dog: yes, no idea how to handle it yet.

Railway maze: another one?! Alright, I’ll gird my loins, torso, forehead and little toes.