Hit the Road, Chuck! [ADULT CONTENT]

You are Chuck. Hit the road, Chuck! Because there are many adventures waiting for you along the highway - and many women.

This is an interactive fiction novel of about 10,000 words. This game offers multiple plots and multiple endings.

Warning: Hit the Road, Chuck! is a game for adults. This game contains intense sexuality as well as femdom, fetish and findom elements.


Your page is a bit light on information. The story? Also, if it’s web-based, how about offering a short demo.

I’ve intentionally kept the information small. It’s not a single story: A man’s various experiences with the women he meets on the road.

You’re right about the demo. I’ve added it.

That’s something I think is possible on itch - have a “this will be played in the browser” upload demo or teaser, and then also the paid download. I think you can do both on the same page?

[returns breathlessly]

Yeah, itch can play an HTML file in the browser directly, you could just toggle it “this file will be played in the browser” so it doesn’t even require a download for the demo - sometimes it’s an easier demo if you don’t have extra download clutter…