Hints or walkthru for dr-theobold

I found the little IF “dr-theobold” from 2017 by Christopher Howard on my Linux system. (It is written in PicoLisp, open source and seems to be pre-installed on my system.)

Is there a walkthru for it (Couldn’t find any on the net, in this forum, and in the sourcecode repo)?

Or does anybody know how to enter/unlock the door? I already got the note.

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I don’t know of a walkthrough, but from glancing through the source code, most doors seem to be unlocked by manipulating something near them. The note gives a hint on how to open one of them. More specifically, by suggesting a number you might need.

General hint: if you can’t figure out the correct syntax to use something, “use [something]” often looks like it works.

Thanks, that doesn’t solve everything, but a lot. It gives me some ideas to tryout. :slight_smile:

Ok, I figured out how to get in.

Now I’m stuck at the puzzle game. Will think about it for a while.

The verbs are a bit tricky, like TAKE instead of GET. And if you type something wrong, you get no clue whether it was a typo, wrong verb or wrong noun. But it seems to be a nice game anyway.