Hints for Radicofani

I’m stuck in two places in Radicofani., and the walkthrough doesn’t seem to be quite right.

First, in the bar the walkthrough says you’re supposed to acquire a certain item: a sleeping pill. The walkthrough says you’re supposed to look at the ground after talking to the other customer, but I did that and no sleeping pill appeared.

Second, since the game is on a timer, and I realized I was running out of time on my first playthrough, I restarted. However, this time I couldn’t reach the second stage of the game because I couldn’t leave the apartment. Following the walkthrough exactly doesn’t help. There must be some event that triggers your ability to leave the apartment. Does anyone know what it is?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I was able to win between the two walkthroughs (there’s an Italian one for an older version of the game) and some dumb luck, but I’m not 100% sure how to solve both of these.

For your first issue, this was figured out in the walkthrough thread.

For the second issue, the things I remember doing included finding the locket in the dishwasher, opening it, and unlocking the drawer and getting the phone and attendant papers. I definitely didn’t open the bench or futz around with the albums in my first go-round, nor did I unlock the phone in the apartment, but was still able to leave.

Good luck!


Thanks a lot; that’s quite helpful!

It looks like what worked was to turn off the TV. Then the answering machine started beeping, and I was able to listen to the message, which mentioned Radicofani. Then the game let me leave and travel to Radicofani.