Hint Thread for Never Gives Up Her Dead

The burning area is the part of the game that has caused people the most trouble over time.

But if the camera is not activated, have you tried activating it? it functions the same way as the monitors

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ohhhh my god I don’t know why I didn’t try that. I think i thought i would need to manually reach it?? whoops

okay i did that, but I’m still struggling with what to do next. bringing the stalker into the room didn’t seem to do anything, i tried mallox but I don’t think that changed anything either, and using exclip would just send me back to the graveyard. do I need to figure out the ladder and the gold scroll in the cavern first?

oh also: I’ve noticed that the recorder isn’t fitting right, but I’m not sure why that is or how to figure that out/change it/work with the reason behind that

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I haven’t seen you mention using the spell on the pillar yet. Are you using that in conjunction with the other stuff, or not?

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yes, I’ve gone into the fire room. The security camera is on now. I used the anghofio spell and looked back at the footage, but I’m not sure how to go about avoiding the slime on the first turn. I can’t jump or climb onto anything – I’ve seen clues for other people suggesting that flying is the solution but I don’t think that’s something I have the ability to do yet?

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Have you seen what the bookmark does?

nope, I have no idea what to use it for. I tried to use it to get the lantern but alas

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If you put it in the spellbook, it has an effect. Specifically, it changes the effects of several spells.

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okay so this was just a case of me not reading close enough - i don’t think i ever examined the book, i just read it, and then i immediately skipped down to the spells and didn’t ever realize it was an ebook. whoops !!

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(Sorry for my poor English)
Hi, I was into this game for a couple of days and with my stupidity I could not proceed in some puzzle.
No one in this thread asking about these, so it must be so obvious but I overlook it.

  1. The Napolean in Wax museum - I reach the hoof part but doesn’t have the password which I think it related to magenta light hint. I don’t understand the horse moving part. The hint talking about mirror or something and the only thing in that room that reflect is Napolean’s saber which I could not move, so I’m stucked.

  2. Mold library in Monument - I reached all the way to Yang lab without clearing the mold in library. From searching in this hint thread, I found that there is an equation in the book in the library. Other that turn on fumigator and close/open the door, I don’t know how to distribute the sulfur to lower room. I think it might be relate to hose but couldn’t figure it out.

If anyone could give me some hint to where I might be overlook.

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For what it’s worth, ClubFloyd finally finished Never Gives Up Her Dead. We were playing for two hours every Sunday from February 5th to June 2nd. What an amazing journey that was.Thank you.


For the Napoleon puzzle, the sabre is indeed a mirror and cannot be moved. You want to stand in (or on) a specific SPOT under a specific light, then look at the sabre from there. Good luck!
For the mold puzzle, timing is the key. You cannot move the hoses. I assume you have the sulphur in fumigator set up and have the device that shows percentages per room. You will need to start with the office door closed, wait until a certain percentage has built up outside, open the door to let some of that into the office, wait a bit, and maybe even re-close that door again. It’s tricky, and you just have to experiment with it until you get it right, I think.

Thanks! That’s amazing, I never thought the game would be completable in the club Floyd format. I appreciate your kind words and am glad you played!


Thanks a lot for your answer.

I’ve standing on THAT SPOT before, but the thought of looking at saber from there never came across my mind. Stupid me.
As for the mold puzzle, I’ve worked it out somehow but the fumigator didn’t stop. I believe it’s some kind of bug so I decided to reload and skip it by using the formula someone posted in this thread. Feel a bit guilty though.

Now what left for me is all about the curious tool. I didn’t upgrade it even once lol. Time to run through all previous room again.


Okay I’m stucked again.

I think I’m at the last part(or not?) but I don’t know what to do with the Quadox spell.
I tried kicking everything but it didn’t work.
Also I couldn’t do anything in Darkness, Growth cave and those area in the village.

If anyone could give me a hint about Horror cave.

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The spell you’re stuck on and a room you’re stuck on go together.

  1. You can use quadox in the dark room.

  2. You have to explore the dark room a bit first

  3. Since it’s dark you have to use your senses

  4. Try smelling or listening or touching things before you use quadox, and see if you can find something else

  5. There should be a gross smelling pile you can touch and a splashing puddle (or something similar), that makes a warm thing appear near you. You can quadox it.


Never knew I could use “SMELL” or “LISTEN” on any objects.

This game is really a great(in many meaning) game.

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I think I’ve found some bug in the ending part.

In Reactor room, after I hooked the twisted grill out, I couldn’t take it.

When LOOK AROUND, it will show “You can also see twisted grill here.”,
but when trying to take it, it will show “The twisted grill is not currently visible, as the trap is closed again.”.
It’s like “I can see it, but I cannot see it”. LOL

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Thanks! I’ve fixed that for the next version based on your bug report. What happens is that when the grill isn’t visible, an object called ‘gone grill’ is placed in the game so that if the player tries to mess with the grill it gives the message you just provided. I just forgot to make it a hidden, ‘scenery’ object. It shouldn’t affect your gameplay at all (just assume the grill is not there).

Would you like your name to be in the credits for version 3?


Sure, “Sanont” would be fine.
I’m glad I could help.

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