Hint Request: Treasures of a Slaver's Kingdom

This mighty Barbarian friend of mine, Edgar the Hoity, has advanced on his path to Vengeance with great show of determination, physical prowess, and a somewhat lesser spectacle of puzzle-solving and general timing of when to kick whose arse. (This last point is mainly why I have joined him on his quest…)

We have found out that it is necessary to throw the spoilt and rotten bait into the sea at some point. However, the game response tells us it’s too early for this action.

Pray tell, which foe must we destroy or which subquest undertake to unlock this step?


Have you disposed of the Slaver King’s little fiery friends yet?

If you’re referring to the Hounds, yes. They have received a thorough pummeling which left them tails firmly between hind legs. Oh, and dead, of course.

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Good, you’ll need the spoils of war from that encounter. Next step: have you conducted business with Vessa the Doxy?

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Ooh… “Conducted business”… That sounds intruiging.

I offered her an ear of corn when we first met. I left the room blushing at the suggestiveness of her reply. I haven’t gone back since. What “business” should I conduct, precisely?

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Sounds like you’re on the right track! But see, a respectable doxy like Vessa requires compensation before she will offer you her services. Have you come across anything in your adventures that would be a suitable form of payment for her time and effort?

Well, now that you mention it… She’s a courtisane accustomed to a certain level of luxury with expensive aesthetic taste. Should I offer her the gem I traded with the Temple Acolyte when I gave him a sword?

Edit: Yes! That worked. Thank you so much for guiding my thoughts without spoiling the exact solution.

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I assume I now have to find someone who will decipher the runes on the scroll Vessa gave me (after hours of “unusual pleasures”…)?

Yes, a someone who is much more interested in politics than you are.

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Thank you!

Recap of the solution, should anyone be stuck on the same obstacle. (Explicit spoilers. You may want to tease out gentler nudges from @Morningstar 's comments above first.)

To successfully USE ROTTEN BAIT ON SEA and enter the Beast which comes to shore, these steps must be taken first:

-defeat the Hounds which the Slaver King releases once you have accumulated enough Prowess. You will need the spoils from this altercation;
-gain access to the Viraxian Temple by defeating the Snow-Serpent guarding the Bridge
-trade with the Acolyte: a weapon (the basic Gladius Sword, once you have gained a better weapon) for the Fiery Jewel;
-offer the Fiery Jewel to the delightful courtisane Vessa. She will give you a Scroll (and many hours of, ahem, entertainment)…
-take the Scroll back to the Temple Acolyte. He will allow you to take the Incense with you;

When you walk onto the beach now, the description will have changed, reminding you of ancient tales of Beasts beneath the surface of the Sea.

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