Hint Request: Tiny House

Currently playing Tiny House by Dan Doyle III (@tggdan3) and I’m not even sure if I’ve got the best version of the game. I’m playing a copy I downloaded ages ago. The IFDB links are broken/outdated, else I’d just look at the author’s invisiclues page.

Anyway, where I seem to be stuck is getting a spell written on a sock to work. I’ve corrected the sock so the spell is spelled correctly, but I can’t cast the spell. (Also, can’t copy the spell since a sock is not a scroll.) I’m not sure if I’ve done something wrong or if the game has, always an awkward feature of IF puzzlefests. I’m very sure I have the correct target forf my spell, though.

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All is well: I managed to finally convince the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine to give me a copy of V5 of the game and a copy of the author’s hints page for the game. It seems the older version of the game that I was using was buggy and unfinishable. I have verified that V5 does not have that bug, and I am now past the point where I was stuck. Happy days!