Hint request: The Witch

So, ‘The Witch’ has has pretty good (in)visiclues until now, but I find myself stuck trying to find the creek: I can get to ‘Along the Stream’ but the invisiclues mention an, um, large object, and there’s no such object that I can find. The clues also seem to indicate that I can go up and down the creek/stream, which I cannot find a way to do.

In these situations, it’s usually because I’ve missed an exit. Any hints? Thanks!

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not sure, but

there are 2 places you can access the stream, one on the far east of town (by the millhouse) and one on the far west of town.

I don’t know which one you are trying to reach, but the one on the far west of town is I think more plot-relevant. if you go west all the way down the main street you arrive at a location called “Eastern Bank” which is itself on the stream and from there you can go north or south to various locations all called “along the stream.”

The location on the far east of town (by the millhouse), I don’t remember what it’s called. But possibly that’s where you are if you can’t walk along the stream.

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That was it! Thank you!

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Glad to hear it! Good luck!