Hint request: The Princess of Vestria

I couldn’t solve the timed puzzle near the end of the game. The game said something about the letter, but I replayed it and didn’t see any mention of the letter’s contents. And the puzzle would be impossible to solve by brute force as there are 120 combinations(I think). Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Are you trying to open a box?

Here’s a strong hint that isn’t a complete solution:

All the information you need is on the page you’re looking at. Start with the woman’s name and take one letter at a time, J, U, L, I, A.

I’m afraid I don’t understand the clue. And what does “the answer is within you” mean? Does the five words have anything to do with the solution?

They do, yes!

The woman’s name is Julia. There are five words on the music box: Joy, Beauty, Fulfilment, Happiness, Passion. In the first word, J is the first letter; in the second word, U is the fourth letter; in the third word, L is the third letter; in the fourth word, I is the fifth letter; and in the fifth word, A is the second letter. So it’s 1, 4, 3, 5, 2.

Oh, I only saw that the letters in Julia appeared in each word. I didn’t think of counting their places in the word.

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