Hint request: Late-Imperial Sky Witches

This is very mysterious. I’ve tried all manner of combinations and sequences to navigate the interrogation but I keep bumping into a wall. (Well, obviously not all, because: said wall).

A few things I noticed/found/hypothesised:

I can DROP HER BULLSHIT, presumably so Rahel would speak clearer. I don’t really notice more clarity in the following responses though.
The “poetic bullshit turns” into “poetic bullshit (literal)” at some point. Again, I can DROP this and TAKE it. I’m not sure what this accomplishes.
The snake comes out of her mouth when I press on the interrogation long enough. It retreats into “hiding” immediately. In one playthrough I got it to “attentive”, but I can’t replicate this since I don’t remember the exact sequence. I’m assuming I need to get it to show itself.

In general, I can get the game to do all kinds of stuff, but I don’t see a tactical line to approach the interrogation puzzle as a whole.



The itch page has the gruescript source. I remember looking at it, and the game seems very short/unfinished. What you’ve described sounds like the whole game. There might be one extra passage that can’t be reached, but it’s a minor one, and I believe that the ending you’ve already seen is the only one.


Thanks. That would explain the “A doomed conversation” subtitle in a meta kind of way.