Hint Request: KABOOM

I feel I’m close, but I can’t get the last step of my intended sequence to work.

I want to bring the flaming pillow to the breach in the wall and push the bottle in the flames there. Then when the rescue workers come to investigate the explosion, they’ll hear the loud music and search the house.

For the pillow, I’ve tried taking it away from the glowing embers once it sets alight. It’s already too hot and flaming. I looked over all the possibilities of the crane truck, but I can’t take it outside to pull the pillow with the hook. The pole I knocked over to get the glue was my next idea, but it isn’t present in the description anymore.


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I may be remembering wrong, but I think you need to take your ideas and do them somewhere else.

The main puzzle that you’d need to solve that is how to get the bottle out of the house without breaking it.

Oh dear, I think I haven’t made myself clear at all.

I’m outside the house with the bottle and the pillow (nice and soft to drop the bottle on). I can push the bottle on the embers of the doghouse to make it explode. The rescue workers check it out but they don’t approach the house.
I can push the pillow on the embers but it just burns out without anyone coming. So I need the explosion from the bottle to draw the attention of the rescue workers, but I need it close to the house, by the breach where they can hear the music.
When I put these together, I think I need to get the burning pillow out of the embers somehow. Then move it to the breach and push the bottle on top of the flaming pillow.
My main obstacle is getting the pillow away from the embers once it’s burning and transporting it to the breach just outside the house.

Or maybe I’m completely off.

Well, I probably just remember it wrong, but one last shot:

have you tried using both the pillow and the bottle at the embers at the same time? Or, I mean, one after another?


Hah! You’re right. I did try that on my second playthrough, but I had been so hasty to get back to the doghouse with the pillow and the bottle that I forgot to turn on the cassette player.