Hint Request: Hallowmoor

Great early puzzle Twine!

I’m stuck with the exit in sight.

There’s a boat hanging on chains above the lake. I need it to cross the water. On the east and west sides of the dock, there are two panels. Standing on a panel lowers the corresponding side of the boat. The solution that immediately comes to mind is standing on both panels at the same time with my two PCs. However, I can’t leave one of the characters standing on a panel and then shift to the other.
My skeleton has the three potions. My witch has the magic wand. I can enter the Evil Eye room with the invisibility ^potion, but I can’t find anything to do there. I searched the crypt with the coffins but I don’t know what else to do there too.



Found it!

I skimmed the source code included in the downloadable zip until I saw mention of something I hadn’t encountered in the game yet. This assured me that I just had to delve a little deeper and re-explore.

I had missed a box under the benches in the Guardian Eye room. In it I found a bottle of witches’ perfume. In one of those twisted associative leaps that go lightning-crackle in your brain, I remembered that there was another living being in the dungeon that I had encountered in a previous session. Under the bed in the Witch/Dungeonkeeper’s room is a black cat that only trusts you when you smell witchy. Once I had befriended the cat, it helped me as a counterweight on the second panel needed to lower the boat.

And now I’m free and weirdly hungry…

Great game!