Hint request: free bird (solved)

Some truly exceptional writing in this game!

The bird is out of its cage. The baby capucin and me opened the door downstairs, releasing the jaguar. I took care of the devious human with the egg shells. He left some delicious raw meat on the table, perfect for a growing young predator. I can’t get the meat to the jaguar (or vice versa). I did notice that out young cat has an eye on the iguana, which I can make attentive or drowsy by flipping the light switch

How should I proceed?

EDIT: Found it!

I overlooked the possibility of inviting the iguana into the bird cage and luring the jaguar downstairs with it.


Okay, so this game has nothing to do with the Lynyrd Skynyrd song “Free Bird”.


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About three times I’ve encountered a ‘this passage doesn’t exist’ error in the human’s room and had to hard restart. Has anyone else experienced this? I wonder if my browser’s just wigging out (intfiction is acting weird for me too).

Didn’t happen to me… (Chrome/Win 10)

I had no problems on Safari, and I played through twice.

I’m sure it’s just my computer, because I was also getting 429 errors on intfiction and also can’t play ‘In a minute there is time’ due to a ‘no container’ error (which is usually about cookies but I allow cookies??), but can play on mobile. So weird.

intfiction was rejecting me with 429s too about ten minutes ago.

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