Hint request for The Fortuna

I’m trying to open the safe. It says:

Your safe happily buzzes as a security question scrolls on the 7-segment display: YOUR SECURITY HINT IS: I AM ALWAYS MOVING BUT NEVER GET ANYWHERE. PLEASE TELL ME THE PASSWORD

I tried guessing some passwords in the format TELL SAFE “RIVER” or TELL THE SAFE “RIVER” or TYPE “RIVER”. I know that might be the wrong riddle answer, but the response is:
“Sorry, I don’t know who the safe is.”

which seems to indicate that I’m using the wrong format. What format should I use?


As of right now I restarted and TELL SAFE “asdfdsf” seems to be working, although I haven’t guessed the answer yet.

Editedit: Oh, the password is given to you when you explore.


I’m actually stuck much earlier in the game. I get out of the cab and then am not able to do anything else. I sense I’m having a big flaking moment. Anyone else care to help out, here?

(I’m obviously not as far as Brian was, but I’m pretty sure we should try to keep everything for a game in the same topic(?))

I think you need to try going north and then ask the security guard questions about their life (like ASK GUARD “WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO?”)

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Belated thanks for this! Hopefully this’ll help anyone else who has procrastinated ParserComp judging a bit.

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