Hint request for The Cenric Family Curse

[spoiler]I think I’m nearly to the end. I have a torch, a manuscript, a note, a goblet, and a tailcoat. I’ve already put holy water and the signet ring into the goblet (and they’ve disappeared). The living skeleton is gone thanks to help from the dog.

The sarcophagus seemed to be important, because attempting to open it while the skeleton was present said he’d kill me if I tried, but now that he’s gone, I can’t figure out how to open it. In fact, the game seems to be telling me that I don’t actually need to at all. I’m missing “undermoss” for the potion, and the key to that seems to be this undertomb (because I haven’t figured out what else this room is for, and that seems to be the only thing I still need).[/spoiler]

I was stuck in exactly the same place.

The stone sarcophagus, as far as I can see, is a red herring. You need to look under the wooden coffins instead. Remember to type LOOK UNDER, and not SEARCH or LOOK IN, or it won’t work. This puzzle caused me to become so irate about the game that I immediately rated it a 1 and wrote a huge rant about it in the comments section.

[spoiler]Ah! I had tried looking behind the coffins, inside, and searching, but no luck. Grrrr. Yeah, that did the trick.

So I finished with a score of 120 of a possible 110. I think the extra comes from opening the passage to the hidden study (“pull” the statuette in the normal study – another guess-the-verb).

I won’t rate it nearly that low, but it definitely needed more polish. A slightly less ambitious game might have allowed for it.[/spoiler]

Try looking under things.

Well, actually, a few days after I first reviewed it I raised its score by a point or two. It does have a splendid atmosphere. It just has a few too many bugs as well.