Hint request for Sidewise

I’m stuck very near the beginning. Hints say that the dog is hungry. But the only food I have is the jar of peanut butter, and it can’t be opened. Breaking it just gets rid of it.

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So I ignored the hints and got far enough to feel certain that the dog wants the juicy steak. But I can’t get there from here because of an in-game message about a potentially malicious mechanism. Not sure what this is referring to. I dropped most of my inventory in another room but that didn’t make the message go away.

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Hello! I just started playing this today. I was able to search machine to find the thing you’re looking for.

Now I’m stuck; I’ve found a tape archive but don’t know how to watch it.

Edit: Never mind, I guess I had a few more puzzles to go before I was ready for that. I didn’t know you had to use the magnet to open the research door.

I was going to post today. I too figured out how to get by the mechanism. Ultimately I finished the game with an ending marked as a success. I never found the in-game hints to be useful, though.

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