Hint request for Magor Investigates

I’m ~200 moves into Magor Investigates and trying to cure the archivist’s stomach problems. I think I need to make herbal tea for him, and I have the ingredients specified in the herbal, and have put the herbs in the mug, but I can’t figure out how to get water into the mug.

I’ve tried filling the sink in the small alcove in the basement, but I just keep getting a response saying there’s no point in putting water in the mug. I can’t find another container that looks to be suitable for water, either. Josh Grams’s review mentions the puzzle and shows a solution that depends on a kettle, naturally enough, but searching through my transcript shows I haven’t seen it mentioned at all, even though I try to be thorough about examining things.

Can anyone shed any light here?

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There should be a kettle in the room with the mug.


Whoops, you are right. Boy, that’s hidden in a dependent clause.

Thank you!