Hint request for City of Secrets (2003)

I want to get through the gate in the northern part of town, but it seems that I need to remove the tracking bug from my wrist in order to do so. I went to the bathroom near the fortress and cut out the bug with the scissors from the hotel, but it leaves a wound. I tried tearing up the bedsheets from the hotel room to make bandages, but that wasn’t implemented. I tried going to the medical clinic and pressing the red button, but before I can get there there’s a scripted event where I get arrested on account of the open wound and then apparently rescued.

Is this the only way to proceed. I know that this game has multiple endings, and this seems like something that might cause me to get a worse one. Is there a way to heal the wound in the bathroom?


Welcome to the forum. It might help if you give the author and platform when asking for hints.

Assuming this to be the Glulx game by Emily Short, there’s a walkthrough on CASA courtesy of @Denk. However, he does say that it skips some puzzles.

I note that Denk did a tribute (sort of like a sequel) in ADRIFT in 2020. You might like to play that when you’re finished.


Yeah, I saw that on IFDB, but the author seems to have done something different earlier in the game since he doesn’t remove the bug at all.


I wrote the walkthrough without realizing that I could remove a bug if I remember correctly. One thing I do remember is that sometimes things happen after a certain amount of moves. I don’t know how many endings there are but was under the impression that I found the “good ending”.


I went ahead with removing the bug without healing the wound. There are no negative consequences to this route, and it’s actually a scenario listed by AMUSING.