[hint request] Counterfeit Monkey

Current goals:

Find transport for getting past the traffic on High Street
Meet your colleague Slango at Counterfeit Monkey

I’m trying to find a vehicle, or something, as the goal seems to imply. I’ve already been to the beach, and I have the funnel, which I’m pretty sure can turn into fuel. I haven’t removed the ns yet, because fuel with no vehicle would be rather useless.

I can’t use UNDO, which gives the experience a particularly authentic feel.

What you need to start with is

a vegetable

but not

one that’s on sale.

Have you

gone northeast from Webster Court? There’s something there.

OK, this is the object you need:

a chard.

If/once you have it:

take out the h, then the d.

and then you’ll find yourself facing at least one more puzzle, probably, but the setup for it will be apparent.

EDIT: I don’t know if there’s an alternate solution to this one.

Excellent hints, thank you!

I was being cautious about transforming the ‘chard’ – I noticed it could become ‘card’, but I didn’t think about transforming it twice. I can’t undo if I needed the original chard for something else. :wink:

Re the last sentence of your spoiler:

But you can. :wink: Have you gotten your backpack yet? If so, you have all you need to undo your creations.

Yes, that is an interesting game mechanic.

Okay, now I have 53 points, and I don’t know what to do.

Current goals:

Speak to Professor Waterstone and get his invitation to see the T-inserter
Gain entrance to the Bureau
Find Brock

I’ve already met Alex’s mother, gotten kicked out of Waterstone’s office, talked to Higgate and Brown. Brown fixed remover tool so that it can make abstractions, and I can make a “sin” and a “leer.” Now, I’m just kind of lost.

Sorry to bother again.

You need to get your letter-remover upgraded to allow it to create animate beings; before you can do that, you need to gain access to that fancy gadget in the library.

You need a good reason for Higgate to let you into the library.

Alex has an unreturned library book.

Higgate leaves quite quickly, but you still need to get into that protective case.

There are two ways you can break it open; both involve homonyms, and are found in the same general district.

Now focus on getting into that restricted lab.

(Not quite sure how much of this you’ve done already; I’ll spoil further if you’ve already dealt with this.)

Thanks, Sam.

That hint, combined with the case’s description, allowed me to realize that I needed to get either the screwdriver or the jigsaw. Since the screwdriver was a cocktail and I didn’t know how to change it back, I got the jigsaw turned and used it to cut open the case. Then I reconverted the car, and combined the card with key in the synthesizer to make the passkey. I converted the wrap to rap to distract Professor Brown, and I’m in.

If I were a real adventurer, I would hammer around here. But since it’s IF playing crunch time and I want to vote for the XYZZYs and play the Spring Thing games, another spoiler would be welcome:

The computer’s password-protected, so I can’t use it reclamation machine. I have the crossword from the synthesizer. I think I need to find or make a “pass,” and then I think I need to combine it with the “crossword” in the synthesizer to get a “password.” But I don’t have a pass, and I can’t remember if I ever had anything that could become one.

Again, thank you.

There are a number of things that have already been letter-removed, synthesized, etc., when you first find them.

This one is something you’re sure to have found by this point.

Someone gave it to you.

The AS that Lena gave you is in fact a concealed PASTIS.

Awesome! Thank you.

I’m having a bit of a sticky wicket with the synthesizer:

I put the pass and the key in the synthesizer (And ON the synthesizer) and when I turn the synthesizer on, it just says:
“The synthesizer whirs for a moment, then dies down again” but it hasn’t combined them.

Any hints would be appreciated.

If I remember correctly, your goal is a “keycard”, not a “passkey”. (The “pass” is more useful when synthesized with other things.)