Hint Request: Blighted Isle

Hello everyone!

I’ve been playing Blighted Isle off and on for the past month. Great exploring fun! I’m on move 2507 now, and I still have a number of loose ends to tie off before I move on to the endgame.

At the moment, I’m stuck in a place where I know what to do but I either can’t figure out the correct command, or I’m missing a hitherto unfound object.

In Above Grove, I need to attach the wooden door to the iron chain to improvise an elevator. ATTACH or TIE TO doesn’t work (“You can’t attach the door directly to the chain.”), which leads me to think that I need some other object.

Anyone know how to do this?

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I suppose you know about ClubFloyd transcript…

Unfortunately, ClubFloyd’s transcript stops halfway through because they had a LOAD problem. No-one wanted to restart so they abandoned the game.

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Sorry about it.

My old handwritten notes for this game are at http://plover.net/~davidw/scans/b/bligh07.pdf , but they’re so messy, they’re almost no help at all. And of course, I don’t remember this puzzle. But if I had to guess, you could connect a chain to something if you had a padlock. I have no idea if there even is a padlock, but that’s my guess.

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Wow! 0_o I really think about myself to be a polished guy ; - )

Thank you for replying.

I used your annotated map ( Blighted Isle - solution (plover.net)) to confirm some hunches about the puzzles in Blighted Isle, but sadly the location with this puzzle is not annotated. I did see in your FULL SCORE sheet below the map that you got points for solving the puzzle in the way I suspected.

And now I’m racking my brain to remember if and where I saw a padlock or a metal hook or something similar…

Anyway, I eventually skipped this part and went straight to the endgame/epilogue. There are so many alternate paths and loose ends that I will surely revisit this game. I’ll be on the lookout for that padlock when I do.

More generally: thank you so much for the splendid work on your walkthroughs. I think I would have killed my computer while playing Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina if it hadn’t been for your help.


I have got this game and marked in my wish list.

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Goodness, I’d completely forgot about that annotated map. I’ll have to look up how I did that. I think I was using someone’s library to do the tooltips.

Also, I have no idea if there’s a padlock in the game at all. That was just a wild guess based on the puzzle description. It reminded me of a similar puzzle in Lurking Horror.

Also… Thanks for the praise. And yes, Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina is quite special, and I have no idea how long it took to write up that one’s walkthrough. A lot of time


I thought the annotated map was a perfect fit for a wide open adventure like Blighted Isle. It leaves a lot of space for the player to go wandering around enjoying all the different sights and storylines. A step-by-step walkthrough would have felt cramped.

The multidirectional elevator in Ballerina was driving me nuts until I looked at your schematics. So you saved my computer from certain death by smashing. Thanks.

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