Hint Request: Barcarolle in Yellow

Eva has just arrived in Venice, stepping out of the station into the rain.

Two turns later (at most), she’s dead, either strangled with her scarf or stabbed in the eye, depending on what direction she goes.

I tried putting myself in the mind of the lead character in a film when she hears sinister steps behind her. I attempted RUN [direction], SCREAM, TURN AROUND, FIGHT, TAKE OFF SCARF (since that’s what the murderer uses in one case). None of these change Eva’s gruesome fate

The HINT/THINK command only describes Eva’s actions up until stepping out of the station.

Nudge? (pinging @severedhand here. I gather from your review that you are more at home in situations such as these? Thanks for the great historical information on the giallo genre too!)


Drop the scarf at the station


Before even exiting? Boy, talk about a learn-by-dying scenario! But then, that’s exactly what this is, right? A scenario. Or at the very least, @Victor_Ojuel is deliberately blurring the lines between what’s supposed to be the game’s “reality” and what’s written in the script. Are we guiding a person or a personage?



Another cry for help, this time of a syntactic nature.

I’m on my first day of work, and the script says I have to take photographs of the Venetian canals while on the Rialto bridge. It literally says “Eva snaps pictures of the canals”. A failure response that’s supposed to be helpful says I should “shoot the sights”. TAKE PICTURE, TAKE PHOTOGRAPH, SNAP PICTURE, PHOTOGRAPH CANAL, SHOOT SIGHTS, CLICK. None of these work.

Help me find the verb, please. EDIT: it’s SHOOT CANAL

“You mean, you love to watch me die.” Literally her job :wink:

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I also got stuck with the wording there and finally found it

I had some trouble with that scene, too. Did you manage to get to the ending? I’m having difficulty figuring out how to avoid getting shot. The walkthrough mentions the command take bullet, but even trying to follow it directly, I couldn’t figure out when this came up.

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You do not avoid it; you live through it.

As in it’s not real.

As for the command you mention, that depends on whether you still have the bullet in your posession by that point. Try taking off the moretta mask.

If after doing that you still don’t have the bullet, that means you are going to need to find a way to keep the bullet in yourself after being stripped naked, so you have do hide the bullet before visiting the medium.

If the problem is, where do you get that bullet in the first place, I’ll say this: you have it in the beginning, inside a loaded gun, during the initial Western scene.

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Addendum: perhaps I should add that this item, the bullet is entirely optional. Without it, you can still reach four endings, namely A to D. The hint system and walkthrough are designed to guide you to one of those; the E endings are secret :wink:

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Thank you so much! I’ll be on the lookout for the other endings now. :slight_smile:

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