Hint request -- Andromeda Awakening

I’m not stuck on a specific puzzle at the moment, but I can’t find a way to open up any new areas on the map. I don’t know what to do, and I’m not patient enough to bang on everything, even though I wish I were.

[spoiler]I’ve seen the Hyerotrope, crossed to the Pillar Section, and opened the crack leading to the three corridor rooms with the steel bar.

I don’t know what to do with the dark spots on the walls of the Corridor. I don’t know what to do with the Hyerotrope, although I’m pretty sure I can’t activate it or enter it yet. Also, I flipped a switch at the Abandon Warehouse, but I don’t know what it did, and it can’t be unflipped.[/spoiler]

This is what my inventory looks like:

You’re carrying a steel bar, a new railway ticket, some Report files and an E-Pad.

I love the setting and atmosphere of this game, and would appreciate any help getting through it.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I’m playing Release 3, the Final Cut.

I really dig Andromeda Awakening, and now that the deadline’s been pushed I’m considering getting in on the comp. I tested the final release so luckily I have a completed game transcript. It tells me that:

You’re right that you’ve got to do something with the spots. It doesn’t look like you’ve got the right thing in your inventory. It looks like you’ve missed something in the Broken Wagon location.

Ask again if you need any more hints.

Noob mistake (from the author, not you!). Check:

Rails’ End
These are the remains of the tunnel which would have taken you to the
University if the quake hadn’t swallowed its walls. Cascades of dirty water
wash the sides of the black pit, flowing towards the giant crack. The fiery
curtains of orange smoke that originate a few meters from you are the
only light source for a span that goes on for kilometers. A thick web of
twisted rails cuts its way across the darkness to the southwest
. A small
gap in the hulking walls of the tunnel leads north towards the unknown.
Then it’s only concrete and stone and a shattered world tangling together
in every direction.

Thank you both.

I claim all the blame. Missing exits seems to be a noob mistake that I frequently make, even though I’ve been playing IF for about nine years. :wink:

No. Noob mistake is hiding exits in walls of text. I blame the author. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I’m stuck again. :confused:

[spoiler]I have the elektron, found the quartz shard to power it. From the Featureless Corridor, I found two regions – the pyramid room with the frozen spike, where there’s some kind of cylinder stuck in the ceiling, and the lab area, where I found the alpha and beta discs and saw the talon and the diagram on the terminal.

I think I need to activate the hyerotrope. I notice that the dots on the cylinder in Cold Pyramid look like the dots on the hyerotrope’s door. I had hoped connecting the elektron to the cylinder and then touching the display would have some affect, but I didn’t notice any. I wish I could dislodge the cylinder from the ceiling.[/spoiler]

You can’t do that directly, IIRC.

There are four dots on the hyerotrope, and there are four discs that you can find in the game. Each time you do some special thing to one of those discs, a dot will light up on the hyerotrope. When all the dots have lit up, you should be able to enter the hyerotrope.

That spoiler wasn’t vague in order to avoid further spoilage, it was vague because I really don’t remember all the details.

Examine the discs, examine the cylinder.

I don’t know if there’s an unwritten rule about authors helping players. In case feel free to stop me.

Surely not. In fact, I’d recommend that more authors do just that as they’re in the best possible position to give help.

Thanks, again. The puzzles are well paced. They’re difficult for me, but I can solve many of them without help, so it’s a good experience. I don’t think I would have ever thought to connect the two objects to advance from the game state that I asked about, so I did really need the hint. :slight_smile:

I don’t know, either. There doesn’t seem to be many customs about asking for and receiving hints on this forum, that I can see. I wonder what the customs were like back in the height of rec.games.int-fiction. I think I read something once that said a lot of authors don’t like their beta-testers giving hints to players.

I’m far into the game by now, but I’ll ask for another hint, since I don’t have much time to play with the puzzles right now, having a lot of deadlines for college stuff.

I need to find a way to break the glass case that prevents the cylinder concealed within it from being used. I already retrieved and used the cylinder that was stuck in the cell wall, by pressing the button in the other room. I have one disc at the moment, the one labeled “Gamma”.

Thank you.

Another not-too-fairly-hinted puzzle.

smashing it in the Quartz Tunnel. It may suffice dropping it or throwing at the crystals.

You are almost there!

I’m really sorry to keep bothering you with hint requests. I’m through that part, now…

And there’s just one more dot on the hyerotrope. But I don’t know what to do in the Windowed Habitat room. There’s the parallelepipedon, and I think the last cylinder is stuck in it. However, I don’t have another disc. The elektron says there’s a lot of radiation in the room. Also, I never figured out what to do with that wax soap that I’ve been carrying around.

Again, I’m sorry to keep bothering you. I really like the game and want to see the end… it’s just a crazy time of the year for me.

In case, you can write me: minnocenti (that funny a) kidstudio (that funny dot) it.

The wax you must use to replicate the surface of the cylinder in the parallelepipedon. You need another piece of something, that you get in the same box where you found the Elektron. In another section of the settlements you may find a strange device you didn’t use.

There. If you want to know more feel free to write me :slight_smile:

In case you want to really rush (although NOT recommended) the following link is to the walkthrough of the original competition entry. It is 90% good for the final cut. It lacks the last bit of game, which is completely new, so I don’t know how much useful will it be. But anyway…


Well, I just finished the main part of the game.

[spoiler]I’m in the epilogue (or I assume it to be an epilogue), and I can’t open the gate. I looked at the walkthrough, but it doesn’t help; I assume this section was added after the walkthrough was written.

I just need to find a way to climb the ladder. I need something to serve as a rung, or something. The steel bar doesn’t work. Did I miss a critical object in the previous part of the game?[/spoiler]


Search the wreckage. You are at the very end. Don’t forget to ready anthing you find from now on.