Hint for Yurf (boss mode)

I’ve enjoyed playing Yurf to give its second quest/“boss mode” a try, and actually have found it not be comparable to difficulty to the first go-round (there’s one puzzle that I think is flat-out easier). But I’m stymied on a final puzzle, and since boss mode disables hints, I figured I’d see if anyone else had managed to solve it:

I’m stuck on the Air to the Throne puzzle: he wants a word to complete his verse, but when I try PHLONK (the first-round solution), he says:

“LONK,” he says out loud. “You know, a lot of people don’t know that the PH in that word is silent. No, I don’t think that’s the word I’m looking for. Close, though.”

I thought that might mean the answer should also start with ph but I couldn’t find anything like that which worked; maybe it’s just a word that contains a silent ph? But that’s a lot of words! Any pushes in the right direction would be deeply appreciated!

I would interpret his clue the opposite way, that it’s something like lonk, without the ph. (But I haven’t solved it either.)

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Yeah, I tried LONK, HONK, BONK, CONK/KONK… even MONK, though that was a bit of a lark! No joy.

You want him to say the word “phlonk” so the spell activates as it did in regular mode.

Or at least something that sounds like “phlonk”.

He doesn’t pronounce the “ph”. Is there something that sounds like “ph” you could substitute instead?

Don’t think too hard about how this all would work when said out loud, I guess.

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Ah, got it from your first hint! That does make sense, guess I was overthinking it and assuming more had changed between modes.