Hint for Vain Empires?

I can’t get the diplomats to come to an agreement on their trade deal, even after reading all of the hints on that topic.

I gave the OPEN intent to the short diplomat, which causes the negotiation to begin. Fine. I give the EXPLORE intent to the medium diplomat, which causes it to make changes to the trade deal’s tariff on wheat. The hints for this portion of the task say “Have it EXPLORE options until it finds one it’s ready to TAKE,” but I can’t figure out when that is: the short diplomat will keep reducing the tariff to 1%, and then bounces back and forth between 1% and 3%. There’s never a clear indication about when it’s ready to TAKE a deal that’s on the table. Moreover, giving the TAKE intent to anyone at any time doesn’t give an indication that they’re ready to take a deal, but rather just indicates that the relevant diplomat “intends to take all circumstances into account.”

I’ve played through this sequence a dozen or so times, trying various timings on giving TAKE to the various diplomats (even the short one, despite the hints explicitly saying that he plays no role after opening), but I can’t get them to come together on this. Can anyone give me more explicit directions here than the hints do?

I didn’t do anything from the hints. I remember giving one of the diplomats a ‘sell’ intent, another a ‘buy’ intent, and yet another a ‘serve’ intent. I don’t know which one I gave to which but they started talking and drinking.

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That did it, thanks!

For anyone else who stumbles across this, the exact steps I took were:


I’m also running into an issue that the hints aren’t helping with. The tourist has the gold box and I gave him the open intent, but he isn’t opening it . I tried adding several of the modifiers, but they don’t help.. The hint text just says I need to give the open intent to the tourist but it must take something else. Can anybody help?

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My memory is that you have to get the tourist into the lounge. The tourist also needs the “open” intent and the “seriously” modifier. I don’t remember what else is needed, but it’s possible that there is something else.


Oh, I finally figured it out. One of the hints mentioned the intent you needed, the other hint mentioned the manner you needed. It took the combo of seriously open to get him to do it.