Hint for Sage Sanctum Scramble

I’ve solved all of the mini-puzzles except #60:

I am something everyone has heard.
At first I sound uncanny or absurd.
If you think hard, or spend a night in bed,
My answer might just pop into your head.

Any hints? I’ve tried some things like voice, me, silence, thoughts, monologue but I’m out of ideas.

Here’s the hint that had me solve it:

Any kind of hint you get will pretty much spoil this immediately.

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Got it. Thanks!

For those future players who want a stronger hint: pay attention to the grammar of the text. Everything is written the way it is for a reason.

Totally stuck on some puzzles. Hints appreciated.


Alticons the sage is here. He wears a dark green robe with little stars and moons. He seems a little jumpy.

“You still haven’t guessed my keyword! It starts with S!”

Absolutely no idea what I’m supposed to be doing here. Everything he says ends in an exclamation mark, so I tried “shout” and “shouting”, but that doesn’t work.


This is the misspelled animal name puzzle. I suspect it’s just really really hard if you’re not a native speaker. (I was extremely proud of coming up with ‘lemur’.) Anyway, here are the ones that have me stumped:

“My car broke down. A truck came and ____ it.”

“I want to buy some Anas, but they’re expensive. It’s $50 ____.”

“A portal for prison inmates is a ____.”

“Bob was on the lookout for Mary for hours. Then he finally ____.”

For some of these it seems as if the phrase asked for is clear (“towed it”, “saw her”) but no animal comes to mind. Others just make no sense to me at all.


This is the one where you have to think of a word that makes a phrase with what comes before and after it. I solved a few, but this one has me stuck:

“Match … Figure”

There’s a lot more, but let’s start with these! :slight_smile:


1 Alticons has a short temper
2 Try to make him mad
3 guess words that don’t start with s

1 towed, per anas, <I don’t remember right now>, spied her
2 towed => toad, per anas => piranha, <…>, spied her => spider

#24: You use the first to burn something and the second you might doodle

Edit: I went back to check #19 but I didn’t find the portal for prison inmates one. Maybe the game was updated? I’d guess it’s con door => condor


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So I have to find and alternative way of saying 46, and the answer is not BIDEN?! What kind of game is this!?

(Yeah, I know what the answer is that the game expects. :slight_smile: )


You got “stuck”? Why you only need to change one letter to solve the match–figure problem


Any hints on these?

31: specifically the “timing, square, pack”? I know it’s got something to do with numbers, and I’ve got four from square and six from pack, but timing is confusing to me and I haven’t had much luck trying to brute-force things.

45: my eyes are glazing over, any hint on a second letter to narrow things down? EDIT: OK, got it, looks like it’s just an exhaustion puzzle, nothing fancy

51, 52, and 59: not sure where to even start with these. EDIT: Got 51, I was on the right track just needed a slightly different perspective.




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Thanks! That’s actually quite clever.

So…I’m stuck on:


What do a quick learner and a helium balloon have in uncommon?


She transformed some dangerous animals into letters.


No clue what to do here

15: this one was really tough for me too; focusing on what’s in the balloon, rather than the balloon itself, might help.

32: there are two senses for “letters”; if one isn’t working, maybe try the other, and don’t worry if what you come up with isn’t a complete synonym.

35: try saying it out loud, focusing on one line at a time.

OK, I feel like I should be getting 50, but I’m just not seeing it.

The words are

water ladle gulls may dove

And I'm assuming it's a question:

What are ??? made of?

But I'm not seeing how

“ladle gulls” mush together to sound like something else. Is this an accent thing? Or am I missing something else?

Here’s an alternative way the puzzle could have been phrased:


Wad earl idle gulls may dove

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I did in fact find it helpful if I imagined the person speaking was a very drunken Scot, if that’s an accent you’ve got in your mental cabinet.



not mushed together.

That’ll do it. Thanks!

Now I’m down to 32 (same part as before), 51, 52, 59, 60, and 61 (plus the extras). Dunno if I’m going to get the rest of these.

Bigger hint for 32: for “letters,” you’re not so much looking for a synonym, but a subtype

And even bigger if that’s still not doing the trick: it’s “letters” as in “characters,” not “letters” as in “missives”

51 is a fun one, but fairly obtuse:

  • there’s nothing special about the names or any of the punctuation, except for the period.

  • each word is important, but most of each word is unimportant

  • in fact you only need one part of each

60 is a bit more of a you get it or you don’t, so it’s hard to hint at without spoiling completely, but thinking a bit meta might be helpful

I still have 52 and 59 to figure out as well – and I need to grind through 55, though I think that’s just a matter of putting in the elbow grease.

And 61 you say? I’m only up to 60, so guessing that has something to do with beating the boss perfectly and/or sussing out what’s going on with the colors…

Aha! 52

is just a straight-up letter puzzle

And yeah, I suspect there’s an efficient solution to 55, but I just ground through it one letter at a time.

I really wanted 60 to be

occur or occurred:

  • first sound like uncanny or absurd
  • pop into your head

but nope.

So yup. Down to just 59 and 60. Not sure what to do with 59: there’s only 5 symbols, which doesn’t seem like enough for a substitution cipher, but just the word lengths alone don’t seem like they would be enough to solve it. Maybe they correspond to increments through the alphabet from the previous letter? I’m probably overthinking it.

Two more hints for 60:

  • your idea of looking at the sounds is clever, but won’t help you here.

  • taking a step back, what is the thing that you’re looking at here?

For 52, I assume you mean one needs to nag a ram, but mind providing one more small prod? I can’t quite figure out how to work it.

Still working on 59. Things I’ve tried:

  • straight-up substitution cipher – as you say, way too few distinct symbols.

  • translating the symbols into numbers (assuming they were typed with a shift + number key) then mapping to letters: like #$@@%% becomes 342255 becomes 3 4 2 25 5 which in turn gets you cdbye. Doesn’t quite work and the fact there’s no ! is fatal

  • rather stymied on what to try next