Hint for Little Girl in Monsterland

I’m pretty far into this long game and having fun with it, though have hit a tough patch and the in-game hint system seems to have petered out. It has to do with a question of intelligence:

So I’ve got the whole map unlocked and solved a whole bunch of puzzles, but I can’t figure out how to get smarter than the dragon (I have two other outstanding quests, to help Priscilla recover her memory and to help the “war moron”, but the in-game hints suggest that it’s too early to solve those). From the cues I’ve picked up from trying a bunch of stuff, I think I need to use something to find something that will make me smarter, but can’t figure out what that would be – nothing in the museum or library seems to fit the bill, I can’t find anyone to borrow glasses from, eating fish doesn’t seem to be an option, there’s nothing in the wizard’s castle like an intelligence potion I can grab… I also can’t dress up as a librarian or a graduate to look smarter, and I already dressed up as Poirot/Parrot so that’s out. Hitting the dragon on the head and/or drugging him to make him stupider also doesn’t appear to be an option. Any nudges to get me on the right track would be greatly appreciated!

My memory is that the solution requires going back to one of the early locations in the game. Try that, and if you need a further hint feel free to ask.


Hey Mike :). Glad to hear you got back to my game and are having fun! :slight_smile:.

I thought this was not a hard puzzle, so I didn’t write the hints for it. :pray:
But it seems I have to :slight_smile:

Not a spoiler: you can’t become smarter than the dragon, because he has two degrees, and you are illiterate. So you need to make him believe you are more intelligent. The UI tells you that, so it’s not a spoiler.

You need to make a connection with something else you’ve seen in a very different place. Something that is intelligent or contains something that will make you look intelligent.

As usual, every clue you need is in the past scenes in your diary.

weak hint: remember there are intelligent people somewhere, trying to solve a problem.

strong hint: and they left their suitcases in the hall. (Camilla talked about the suitcases as soon as you met them. It’s in the past scenes. ) And the suitcases have the “search” verb. What could they contain?

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Thanks for the hints! I’d been on the right track but misunderstood the prompt about where the suitcases were – I’d been very confused trying the right action, but in the wrong place. And I’ve been making ample use of the lovely map to zoom back and forth so didn’t notice what had changed.

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Good point… I didn’t foresee that you could not understand where the suitcases were, because you skipped the hall location. In graphic mode, this problem wouldn’t happen, because in the cutscene you would see that:

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It looks like you did it @DeusIrae :clap: :laughing:

I’ve promoted your user to graphic mode, in case you want to replay with graphics :wink:

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Oh, fun, thanks – excited to take a look!

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