High-ish CPU usage on Linux?

I’m getting into working with Inform 7 on a Debian Linux laptop machine. (BunsenLabs, if anyone is wondering!)

I was noticing my fan going and saw that Inform-7-ide was using 25% constantly, not even while running or compiling a story. Is that normal?

looked in the matter thru htop(1), and seems that the culprit isn’t precisely the IDE itself, taking only ~1%, but often idle, but the ten or dozen of instances of webkitWebProcess spawned by the IDE (whose, I think, renders the HTML index & docs) each more or less constantly taking 0.6% CPU time spawned by the IDE.

this machine’s CPU is a 64-bit four-core @2.7 Ghz, and use Debian 12, so I guess that the roughly halved aggregate CPU usage, ~10%-12% is attribuitable to a faster/more core CPU.

HTH, and
Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio

That does track with what I saw in htop as well… I did notice a LOT of processes within the inform process and they were all webkit!

That’s interesting, I wonder why so many processes would spawn to show the docs? And I wonder if there’s a way to disable them. (Or render them in markdown instead of HTML and so browse them differently?)

FACEPALM I should have considered this: The CPU was higher because I was also compiling and running/playing the text adventure inside the IDE.

Which I was doing because I was testing the inherited theme from the system, as soon as I started the IDE.

When I stop the embedded interpreter, the CPU usage drops to what I would otherwise expect…

And I SHOULD have expected that it would run a little hotter while essentially emulating an interpreter inside an IDE!