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One of my posts was flagged as inappropriate, can I know by whom and why?

Your post was not respectful. Read the Code of Conduct: FAQ - The Interactive Fiction Community Forum

I didn’t flag your post, but I did cringe at it.


I assumed that the post was written by someone who was speaking literally – maybe using English as a foreign language – without understanding the potential sarcastic meaning. I hope I wasn’t being too charitable!


I flagged your post because it was a petty personal attack on the OP. It’s obnoxious and everybody else shouldn’t have to look at it.

If that’s not how you meant it, or if this was a misunderstanding, then I will of course withdraw the complaint.

Thanks for your answer.

If you find this obnoxious, ask the person concerned how he deals with reputations, especially mine.
Part of the answer is in what he offers for download in the post I replied to.

Sometimes you have to turn the obvious on its head.

This is incredibly cryptic and intriguing. Maybe my charitable instinct was misplaced. I wish (meant in a genuinely non-sarcastic way!) that I had time to read all back issues of Remember to solve the mystery…

I understand that you feel the OP has wronged you. That’s a bad feeling, and I sympathize with it. But just imagine if every time someone felt wronged, they posted it here-- there would just be a lot of anger and mud-slinging instead of helpful conversations about IF. I don’t know you and I don’t know the OP, so my flagging your post was not equal to taking a side. Your feelings are not obnoxious. Posting them publicly here in such an insulting way is obnoxious. I don’t want to watch people post insults at each other here-- that’s what Twitter is for.