Hibernated, a new text adventure on the Commodore 64

Not my project, but one I came across and am actively following:

Stefan Vogt (8-bit.info/hibernated1/

He tweets a lot about the development, which is interesting to read. The game should be released (including a version on cassette tape!) soon.

I’m currently playtesting the latest beta of Part 1 of this game (which is planned to be released in 3 instalments)
It’s a RETRO adventure quest in space written with Gilsoft QUILL for c64 or c64 emulators.
Good story/atmosphere.
Reminds me a little bit of the “Snowball” trilogy from Level 9 Software, which has always been one of my firm favourites! :slight_smile:


I have an old C64 in a box in the spare bedroom closet. It worked the last time I tried to get it running, difficult on modern TV’s. Hibernated sounds like fun if I could figure out how to get it into the C64.


Of course, there’s always VICE, if you want to go the emulator route: vice-emu.sourceforge.net/

Yes howtophil - I use the VICE emulator to play/test it. :slight_smile:
I understand there will be a cassette version when it is released.