Hibernated 1 - Stefan Vogt - Unboxing

Unboxing of Stefan Vogt’s “Hibernated 1” for the ZX Spectrum Next. This was worth waiting for! Hats off to Stefan and Poly Play, this is a really polished box set. Can’t wait to play it now, but the packaging quality was wonderful and took me back 30yrs to those boxed games back in the day! :smiley::+1:




It really means the world to me seeing how much the physical release is appreciated! The box is identical in size and design to an Infocom box but it actually is a fusion between the old grey boxes and late Activision era boxes, which is a great homage and kinda adds the best features from both worlds.

Let me know how you liked the game and feel free to ping me in case you need me as human invisiclues. H1DC is not as hard as many of the adventures back from the day though. The aim was making it more accessible and the casual experience most are after these days while honoring the Infocom heritage.



Wonderful unboxing video! Few months ago I bought H1 original edition on cassette for C64 from Poly Play. I love the packaging and all the little details added to the box. Superb product. And the game is excellent.