HHGTTG Sequel: Enhanced Playable Demo

Hi all,

Back in November I said that over 2022 I would work on stitching together as much of the Stu Galley “Milliways” demo as possible. This isn’t “done” by any means but it’s reached a natural “good time to pause and share” so that’s what i’m doing here.

The original 1988 demo game file has been available for years now but there wasn’t too much to it. Whilst I can’t promise that this enhanced version will offer a lot more, it definitely offers a bit more than what was originally there. Once I got into the ZIL code it turned out that there were a number of rooms coded but just not linked so there was no way to access them; all I have done essentially is link them.

Also partly coded was the restaurant itself (Milliways); referred to as the Pub (likely just a partial copy and paste from the first game). You can access this room by typing “pub” and pressing Enter, you will jump to the Pub but it is a one-way trip and you will need to restart to get back to the ship.

I want to stress that this remains 80% Stu Galleys original code, it’s just been connected up and i’ve added a more fleshed out ship as originally intended (based on available plot descriptions).

Anyways, enough talking/typing, here is the game file - have fun exploring!




Very cool! Thank you. Nice job with the cover art also.

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