help with Threaded Conversation (solved)

I’ve been poking around with Chris Conley’s “Threaded Conversation” extension and almost immediately hit a snag. I tried to compile the first example, “Very Simple,” and got the following compile error:

Any thoughts?

This is in Inform 6L38.

Do you have the latest version of the extension, from here? “Response” became a reserved keyword in 6L02, so the extension was updated. That property is now called “reply” instead.

Nope, I had an earlier version; that must be the problem. Thanks!

The extension situation is bad at the moment. For now, use either the GitHub repo or the Public Library if possible. Those have extensions updated for 6L**.

Yes, the Public Library is your best bet. Now I’m kind of worried where you found an old version of TC, but then on the other hand it’s good to have old extension versions available for use with old versions of I7…

I googled it and eventually wound up at … oc_36.html. I haven’t been involved in the IF community for a while so I didn’t know about the Public Library.