Help with this website

The IntFiction website formatting is all messed up for me: the little button icons are monstrous and the content is all appearing in a long vertical column… can anyone help? Most other websites via my computer/browser combo seem to be normal.
I’m logging on to someone else’s computer at the moment, thanks if you have any suggestions!

Can you take a screenshot? And what’s your browser and browser version number?

Thanks for the reply! Well, wouldn’t you know, it has finally fixed itself. I only posted on here because the problem persisted for several days in a row. Looks like we’re good to go now, thanks again!


I think I know what you’re talking about - I’ve had it happen where websites become long strings of plaintext links and random scattered buttons. Usually that occurs I believe when there’s a temporary connection problem and the browser doesn’t read the CSS or some other site layout code correctly. It may persist if your browser caches that specific read of the site and keeps returning to it instead of loading it fresh. Often this problem will be temporary on the server side, or can resolve itself and might require clearing your browser cache so it has to re-load the site completely again once the glitch is resolved. Glad it worked itself out though!

A lot of times you can avoid this step by doing a hard refresh. In most (if not all) browsers, the shortcut for that is shift+f5. It forces the browser to grab all new files instead of loading the cache.

I’ve had to do that with my personal website a lot because for some reason my web host seems to be really aggressive at using the cache and won’t load a new version of my javascript file sometimes. It’s really strange.

It turns out that wikipedia actually has a handy reference of the shortcuts for that feature in various browsers.


Thanks for that info, I thought it might be something of that nature, but I didn’t have enough computer savvy to know where to look!