Help with specific days event activation

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Twine Version: 2.5.1
Story Format: SugarCube 2.36.1

hello hello!! i’m wondering how to implement a widget (or any other tye of code) for triggering events on certain days. this may be a commonly asked question, but i need something tailored to fit the following code i got from Best (easiest) method for time and date usage - #2 by pbparjeter and Using time and date to set events - #20 by McFluff where i already have date (like march 19, 2009) and time set up. i have checked forums here but i’m quite unsure how to use the recommended code from those ones so that it won’t clash with the widgets i had set up.

i need it to be for specific DAYS and not DATES. i don’t like to repeatedly type <<check_date>> for every single instance the event is going to happen, and then manually have to check which dates would align up to match (like aug 1 in-game is monday, so i’d have to calculate which specific dates will match all 5 weekdays and it seems like such a hassle T___T it’s a life-sim type game too omg)

::: Game Clock
<<widget "minutes_incr">>
<<set $CurDate_inc to new Date(Math.trunc($CurDate) + $args[0] * 60 * 1000)>> <<set $CurDate to $CurDate_inc>>

<<widget "check_date">>
<<set $CheckDateA to new Date($args[0])>>
<<set $CheckDateB to new Date($args[1])>>
<<if Math.trunc($CurDate) gte Math.trunc($CheckDateA) and Math.trunc($CurDate) lt Math.trunc($CheckDateB)>>
<<print $args[2]>>

<<widget "check_hour">>
<<set $CheckHourA to $args[0]>>
<<set $CheckHourB to $args[1]>>
<<if $CurDate.getHours() gte Math.trunc($CheckHourA) and $CurDate.getHours() lt Math.trunc($CheckHourB)>>
<<print $args[2]>>
<<if $args[3] neq undefined>><<print $args[3]>><<endif>>

::: Lobby
You're in the Lobby. There are a few benches that you can rest on. You can check in with the reception desk.

<<link "Sign in at the reception table (0:01)" "Reception">><<minutes_incr 1>><</link>>
<<link "Rest on one of the benches (0:30)" "Benches">><<minutes_incr 30>><</link>>
/* insert day-specific <<link>> macro. it would only appear on weekdays. 
it's like an event to increase relationship stats lolol */

You can use getDay() on a Date object to get the day of the week (0 = Sunday, 1 = Monday, …, 6 = Saturday).

You can make a similar widget something like:

<<widget "check_day_of_week">>
<<if $CurDate.getDay() eq $args[0]>>
<<print $args[1]>>

where should i put getDay() in? inside of the widget passage? and should it be before or after the widget for checking the days of the week?

EDIT: also how should i … write it … like the complete code oml i’m p sure i’ll need a macro or some sort of markup if it’s not going in the story javascript T___T vv sorry!!! i’m quite new to twine n stuff