Help with recognising and responding to a specific input

Hi again. For reasons of meeting as many expected inputs as possible for a novice combined with my minimal skills I’ve mapped help to another command.

As a result I need to create another way for them to bring up examples of inputs. While this is the specific application I would also like to know how to respond to a specific input string in general. This version most definitely doesn’t work and throws the daddy of errors.

after reading a command:
	if the player's command is "Commands";
	say "To play this game you need to give instructions to the computer as if it only understands caveman-speak. This means it (mostly) only knows verb noun commands.[paragraph break]For example-[fixed letter spacing][line break]to go north                       type      go north or just n[line break]to describe a room again          type      look[line break]to carefully look at a bucket     type      examine bucket[line break]to take an object                 type	     take object or get object or grab object etc.[line break]to paint a bicycle with a brush   type	     paint bicycle with brush[paragraph break]Liberal use of synonyms will be a good way to get familiar with the words that will work. It's also worth noting that in order to finish the game no sentence you type will require more than 5 words.[paragraph break]Good luck and we hope you enjoy this story."

For this, you just want a new action and command. Untested:

Command-requesting is an action out of world.
Understand "commands" as command-requesting.
Carry out command-requesting: say "To play this game..."
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I’ll test this now.

Perfect. Thank you!