Help with Mortimer Beckett

Hi my name is Stephen I am playing the Time Paradox and am stuck on a part. Was wondering if someone could help me.

Hi, Stephen. I can’t find this game in the IFDB. Can you give us a link or more info? … radox+game … egy-guide/

Thanks, Peter. I google-failed at it. I’ve never heard of it. Anyone else want to chime in about it?

Well, the second link is the walkthrough, should be help enough. :slight_smile:

Oh, I didn’t click it. Yeah, that should just about do it. lol

Are we sure the author isn’t referring to Fifteen Minutes or some such instead? (waves to original author)

From the subject line of the original post, I think Peter definitely has the right one. (waves)

Well, I don’t want to feel left out. (waves)

And now I’m going to back. It’s 3.30am here and I’ve been following up on an Hadean Lands breakthrough for the last two hours. I hold zarf personally responsible, of course.

EDIT-“Bed”. I’m going to “bed”. That’s what comes of going to a reagent and then typing “go back” all the time.

The game is called Mortimer Becket Time Paradox.

Well, this forum is more dedicated to text-only games than to graphical adventures (which Mortimer Beckett seems to be). Maybe someone around here has played it–but if they haven’t, there’s a walkthrough linked above, and the walkthroughs at JayIsGames are usually pretty good.