I am doing a project for school, it is a very big grade because I need the extra credit and I would really appreciate somebody who is experienced with Inform 7 to possibly email back and forth with me to help or possibly look over my work. It would be greatly appreciated.

That’s a big ask. If you could say what specific problems you have I’m sure you’ll get a response here.

It is a big ask because it is so uncertain: we have no way of knowing how much help you will need, so it is hard to say yes or no :smiley:.

I’m not an Inform expert by any means, but if you post questions here, I’ll do my best to give you answers. I’m sure everyone else will too.

Make sure to use BOTH manuals–the recipe and the full one–they each have a lot to share!

Ok basically I have a game created where A boy’s brother is missing. I want to have him locked in a “cellar”. Is there any way to hide a character inside an object that needs to be unlocked?

Sure. You can define a locked container and place the brother inside it. See section 3.5 of Writing with Inform on containers, and 3.13 about making them locked and creating a key to unlock the lock.

However, “Cellar” sounds more like a room than a thing. If you want the boy to unlock the cellar and then go in it to find his brother, you should define the cellar as a room and create a locked door between it and another room. See section 3.12 of Writing with Inform about doors, and section 3.13 (again) about locks and keys.

Konstantine27 how is it going? Have you made progress? Where are you at with the work now?