Help with IFDB link to IFArchive

I can’t seem to get my game linked to the archive correctly. It seems to be at: … ent.gblorb

When I click it from the archive it downloads. When I paste this link into IFDB and click it on the page, it doesn’t.

Not Found

The requested URL /if-archive/games/competition2014/Transparent/Transparent.gblorb was not found on this server.

What do I have wrong?

IFDB uses the mirror reflector, and the mirrors have been failing to update for a while now.

I will go poke the appropriate person again.

Oh dang, that still hasn’t been fixed? How long has it been broke?

For the moment, I’ve set to always redirect back to So the mirrors are out of the loop.

Not the solution I was hoping for, but at least now IFDB works. We will try to move uphill from here.

Thanks, Zarf! I was sure I was doing something wrong.