Help with IFComp 22 (or past comps') cover art?

This topic was originally a request for IFComp 22 cover art, as I completed the technical skeleton and a walkthrough for the game. But I had three people offer, so I’ve dared to ask for more, if anyone has the time.

Past collaborations have worked so well for me, both for making me entry look better and for giving me relief there is one less thing to do before placing an entry in a comp. But I’m pretty sure the people who’ve helped me in the past are busy with stuff (e.g. Wade Clarke has that Andromeda Acolytes kickstarter, and JJ Guest’s wonderful collection is for small offbeat games, but this is a large offbeat game).

So this changed from “hey, I’d like cover art for an IFComp 2022 cover art” to:

I’d like to revamp cover art for some of my past games where I dashed something together. I plan to re-release them on, so there will be some visibility for your work, but probably less than in an actual comp. Still, I want to ask, because sometimes asking publicly gets me started.

  • Very Vile Fairy File (2019 IFComp)
  • Ailihphilia (2018 IFComp)
  • Fourdiopolis (2016 Spring Thing)
  • The Problems Compound (2015 IFComp) – I have ideas for redoing stuff here.

These are all odd games where I feel someone can probably look at the walkthrough and say “aha! These ideas would combine well!” and I’d probably say, yeah, why didn’t I think of that? Go with it!

Thanks to any and all who are and were interested. PMs or mails both work great.

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I might be able to render something for you. Let me know an object or scene and i’ll see if i have something. Worth a shot.

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Thanks! Sorry I forgot to reply to this. I got a couple other offers, for which I’m grateful.

Note: after @jkj_yuio’s response, I’ll be updating the topic header and also the requests.

I have a few games where I would like to redraw cover art where I just dashed something together. I plan on re-releasing them on Which probably means less visibility for whoever does the cover art than for an initial release, but all the same, I’d like to ask. Asking sometimes tips off ideas of my own, and cover art is a real motivator to say “it’s not just my work I need to get out there, it’s someone else’s!”