Help with Everybody Dies needed

Hi all,
So, I’ve managed to pass the first few parts of the game where you die twice, but once I do east about six times to get six carts from the neighborhood where can I get the 7TH one? The obvious thing it would seem to do is get through the brush. How do I do that, however? I’m running into a guess the verb kind of thing where no matter what I do I just can’t get through there. This is the only way the game will let me progress so there has to be a way through it.

[spoiler]1) Remember where Graham found the cart?

  1. There’s two ways Graham can help you get to it.

  2. GRAHAM, EXAMINE RIVER from the Bridge will give you the incentive you need to brave the prickleys and GRAHAM, WALK NORTH from West Side of Bridge will accomplish the same.[/spoiler]

Thanks for the help. I dunno, I play muds and things which has the same basic idea of examine everything and stuff, but now I’m having trouble with the Locker puzzle.
How can I get the combo to Patrick’s locker if I would assume one of these other characters has it, though not really since Lisa who you’re playing as is the manager, so she’ds be the logical person to have it, asside from Tim. And you have to do it before Tim gets there and I’ve examined everything. I think I’ve examined everything in the wrest of the character’s view too, so I’m not sure. Ranni, examine Patrick’s Locker gives me something useless it’d seem, unless I have to examine another locker, though I doubt it since Patrick is the guy I’m trying to oust.
These puzzles aren’t that bad, it’s just an issue of figuring out who does what. I had to replay the game over so I could figure out the order that the characters go. Graham, then he dies, Then it’s Ranni, Lisa and yeah, forgot the other guy.
So yeah, need help with this one now.

There ya go! :slight_smile: