help with Eric Eve's Convo Extensions

I’m enjoying Eric Eve’s Conversation Suggestions extension but I’m having trouble on the tell suggestions portion. Below is from the documentation:

But I can’t make the “yourself” tell suggestion work for the life of me; i.e. no matter what I type in to “tell bob about myself”, i get “there is no reply” even though I have coded a reply. I’ve tried “tell Bob about me, myself, yourself, self” to no avail.

What did I do wrong? Thanks!

First guess: have you changed who the player is?

‘yourself’ is the name of the default player in I7. If you’ve done something like ‘Bob is a man. The player is Bob’, then things that refer to ‘yourself’ may not function as expected.

thanks for the reply. I’m playing around with it. To hopefully help it, I specified the player, i.e. the player is a man called Bob.

Now when I talk to someone, it says “you can also tell him about your former self”.


Okay, i got a bit further and it looks okay. I specified the player is man called Bob. In the code (for the extension rules) i said that Bob is a topic. When i play it says, you can tell about “yourself” which is great. but what do I actually type to get to the “after informing whoever about yourself” text to appear? the below doesnt seem to work:

Without seeing your full code it’s a bit difficult to advise on what might be going on, but the following minimalist test case works for me:


Include Conversation Responses by Eric Eve.
Include Conversation Suggestions by Eric Eve.

The Lounge is a Room.

Bob is a man in the Lounge.

The tell-suggestions of Bob are { yourself }

Response of Bob when told about yourself:
  say "'How interesting!' Bob remarks dryly."

Thanks a lot, will let you know if I have any problems, can’t get to it right yet. The reason I avoided posting my own code is because of how sloppy it is, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, sorry for the delay, I couldn’t get to this right away. I am getting this error:

Did I not install one of the extensions correctly? Still wondering why “After informing Bob about yourself” doesn’t work as it says it should in the documentation.

Okay, i reinstalled conversation responses but I’m still getting “you can tell about your FORMER self” for some reason. Also, still can’t get the actual thing to work.

You must be doing something else wrong, since all of the responses involving ‘yourself’ seem to work fine over here. Someone here would be able to figure out what’s wrong, but unfortunately it might require having access to the entire text.

To Inform “yourself” is not another name for the current player character; it’s the name of a special person, viz. the default player character, that Inform automatically creates for each game. In your source code “yourself” will always refer to that default PC, not to the actual, current PC. So even if Bob is the PC throughout the game, you need to call him “Bob” rather than “yourself” in all the rules and conversation suggestions and all source code you write:

[code]The tell-suggestions are { Bob }.

After informing Mad Hatter about Bob: say …[/code]

Okay, I think I got it working now!! Thanks for the advice! :stuck_out_tongue: